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  • Beautiful Dragonflies of the Not-so-Beautiful City

    Beautiful Dragonflies of the Not-so-Beautiful City

    This article investigates dragonflies in the city. While they are specialists in flight, very little is known about their pre-metamorphosis aquatic life. Since urban areas create niches where multi-habitat creatures like dragonflies can flourish, should cities be chastised as unwise, unsustainable endeavours or can they be reimagined as housing nature in changed forms?

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  • Threatened wetland ecology: impact of over fertilization and non-point sources

    By Vipin Kumar Wetlands are highly productive, water saturated areas having life adapted under these conditions. Swamps, marshes, estuaries, and bogs are all examples of wetlands. They act as a sponge to control flood, recharge groundwater and filter nutrients. They also offer habitats to different native flora and fauna, and breeding spaces to migratory birds. In…

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