Vision, Mission & Goals

  • Vision:

To become a global centre for excellence in Urban Ecology, with a view to contributing to the long-term sustainability of cities.

  • Mission:

To work towards the creation of sustainable cities and enhancing the quality of urban spaces to benefit present and future generations with insights from experiences gained by engaging with Delhi.

  • Goals:
  1. To engage in action-based research in urban ecology, ecological restoration, and sustainability.
  2. To engage in capacity building in action-based research through vibrant national and international collaborations.
  3. To act as a nodal agency, collaborating with government, non-government, and civil society organizations working on education, research and advocacy aspects related to Delhi’s ecology and society.
  4. To contribute to teaching & research within SHE, and other schools within AUD.
  5. To carry out education and outreach programmes through volunteering and citizen science projects.
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