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  • Rights to a ‘World-class’ City

    Rights to a ‘World-class’ City

    Ajay Immanuel Gonji In a previous blog article, I had mentioned that in many Indian cities, there exists a certain shared precarity between poor humans and non-humans in access and rights to the city, and both groups are often similarly excluded (Narayanan & Bindumadhav, 2019). In this present article, I wish to elaborate on this…

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  • Animal Geographies II: A Geographical Perspective

    Animal Geographies II: A Geographical Perspective

    Kartik Chugh In my previous article, I provided a brief introduction to the distinct, lively, and innovative field of Animal Geography. I portrayed how new considerations about how we imagine animals in modern society emerge when we shift the focus towards animals and think of them as subjective participants and active agents who play an…

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  • Animals in Eco-tainment

    Animals in Eco-tainment

    Ajay Immanuel Gonji Introduction In a paper by James R. Miller (2005), the author talks about how people in cities, including children, spend very little time in the open, where they are likely to develop an affinity to nature and cognizance to protect and preserve biodiversity. This general apathy among urban citizens towards nature is…

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