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  • Pandemic and the Urban Water Crisis

    Pandemic and the Urban Water Crisis

    Divya Mehra As the world fights the coronavirus outbreak, washing hands at regular intervals has become the most important protective measure to prevent the spread of the virus. As soon as experts confirmed that washing hands with soap thoroughly for 20 seconds will rip out the fat coating of the virus, thus making it inactive,…

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  • Water Scarcity Amidst CoVID-19

    Water Scarcity Amidst CoVID-19

    Himanshu Choudhery Ever since the CoVID-19 pandemic began, people around the world are constantly being told to maintain social distancing and also frequently wash their hands with soap. While washing hands may be effective against germs, washing hands at regular interval also means using large quantities of water. The increased consumption of water in a…

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