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  • Cities – Far Away from Nature?

    Cities – Far Away from Nature?

    Global populations continue to urbanise at an unprecedented rate, with cities expanding into huge concentrations of concrete, steel, and glass, raising sustainability concerns. I’ve attempted to explore this issue from the standpoint of urban ecology, an interdisciplinary branch of study that looks at the complex interactions between the built environment of cities and non-human species.

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  • Harvest of the Pandemic

    Harvest of the Pandemic

    Fizala Tayebulla The pandemic has brought in several structural and value changes in our lives. Some of the changes that have transcended us being physically constraint to our homes are the changes in our lifestyles and values of a ‘safe’ and healthy life (ushering in practices that have a fighting chance at beating Covid-19). We…

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  • More-than-human Cities: On Urban Design and Nonhuman Agency

    More-than-human Cities: On Urban Design and Nonhuman Agency

    Kartik Chugh The modern cities are usually imagined as purified spaces of human existence, a humanist citadel, constructed by humans and for humans alone. The rapid urbanization fueled by capitalist development project proceeds without any regard for nonhumans. In its classical sense, urbanization transforms empty, unproductive wastelands into improved lands through a process called development…

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  • Plight of Granivorous Birds in Urban Landscapes

    Plight of Granivorous Birds in Urban Landscapes

    Shashank Bhardwaj Introduction When people talk about House Sparrow, it reminds me of my vivid childhood memories in Delhi. I remember sitting with my mother in the open veranda in the scorching heat of summer, helping her with household chores like cleaning, and storing wheat grains. At times, my mother would get occupied with other…

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  • Ventilators For A Burgeoning City

    Ventilators For A Burgeoning City

    Divya Mehra Delhi, the capital of India, is the second-largest city in the country and one of the fastest-growing urban metropolises, catering to a population of more than 16.76 million people (Census, 2011). The pressures of a growing population have led to unbounded urban sprawl, and over the last six decades, agricultural and fallow lands…

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  • Urban Green Spaces and Human Health

    Urban Green Spaces and Human Health

    Vipin Kumar and Sonali Chauhan There is an increasing demand for residential and commercial spaces , as infrastructure is often preferred over natural spaces in the city. The industrial model of development through which we create our cities results in a double kill – i) decline in natural green spaces (which are pollution controlling agents…

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  • Green Spaces in the Urban

    Green Spaces in the Urban

    By Fizala Tayebulla Keywords: Urban Green Space, Urban Park, Human-Environment Relation, Urbanization Under the ambit of urban green space-  urban public park or a metropolitan park is a green and open space in cities that offer recreation to residents and visitors. Urban parks are typically maintained by the government on a local level but may…

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  • Fauna in the City – Part II

    Fauna in the City – Part II

    Ajay Immanuel Gonji About three weeks ago, a solitary male leopard was found loitering in the national capital’s Yamuna Biodiversity Park (YBP) – one of the two biodiversity parks (the other being the Aravalli Biodiversity Park) that has been established in the capital by the Delhi Development Authority. According to park officials, the animal is…

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