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  • Compensatory Afforestation – Where is the Land?

    Compensatory Afforestation – Where is the Land?

    Divya Mehra It is well established that India is an ‘under-construction’ country. As a developing economy, the country invests a significant amount of its budget in new development projects that are being proposed, planned, and implemented at the regional or local level. Very often the land for development projects is taken from the forest area…

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  • Chasing Rains

    Chasing Rains

    Amit Kaushik It all started with pitching a tent! According to objectives of the Dheerpur Wetland Park (DWP) project, massive on-site plantation was to be carried out in the monsoon of 2016. However, when the first rains of the season did arrive, we were slightly unprepared for plantation. To begin with, we did not have…

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