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  • Where Access is Denied

    Where Access is Denied

    Ajay Immanuel Gonji Introduction Urban ecology is an evolving framework which integrates society and the environment at multiple scales. And while urban ecologists look for commonalities across urban ecosystems, in recent times, there has been much focus on the local and unique contexts which shape the socio-ecological character of each city (Grimm et al., 2015).…

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  • Ecological Restoration and Gender

    Ecological Restoration and Gender

    By Meenakshi Singh Changing global climate patterns, receding forests, intensive industrialization, urbanization and concretization have all led to awakening of environmental conscience discussed by people like Aldo Leopold (in Sand County Almanac and The Land Ethic) and Rachel Carsen (in The Silent Spring). Concerns for environment have been on the rise since late twentieth century…

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