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  • Hybridization in Dogs

    Hybridization in Dogs

    Ajay Immanuel Gonji In my previous article, ‘Understanding Street Dogs’, I had mentioned that all species belonging to the dog family (Canidae) – wolves, coyotes, jackals, dingoes, domestic dogs, etc. – are interfertile (can mate with each other and produce offspring). There are numerous examples around the globe of canids mating across species lines. For…

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  • Understanding Street Dogs

    Understanding Street Dogs

    Ajay Immanuel Gonji Introduction In an earlier article, I had talked about a unique behaviour in street dogs where they are known to respond to high-pitched anthropogenic sounds such as sirens by means of howling. While I researched this particular behaviour, I was drawn to several other aspects of dog behaviour which I was absolutely…

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  • Unique Howling Behaviour in Street Dogs

    Unique Howling Behaviour in Street Dogs

    Ajay Immanuel Gonji A few nights ago, while I was in my room, I could hear the faint wail of a siren. In a hurry, I grabbed my camera and headed to the balcony to record what I knew I was about to witness. The siren, which I hear almost every night, is of the…

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  • Human Beings Best Friend Can Be Wild Too: Observing Dogs in a Wetland Park

    Human Beings Best Friend Can Be Wild Too: Observing Dogs in a Wetland Park

    Amit Kaushik Canis lupus familiaris – the dog – was genetically classified as a subspecies of Canis lupus or the grey wolf in 1982. Although the wolf has always been demonized by human beings, the dog is considered as their best friend. 7,000-year-old archaeological evidence from ancient human civilizations emphasizes the mutualistic relationship between dogs and human beings. This…

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