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    Divya Mehra and Shiwani The Coronavirus pandemic which has affected almost every part of the world is considered to be the biggest economic and health crisis of the present time. To contain the spread of the Covid-19 disease, in the initial phases of the pandemic, many countries went into lockdown, resulting in the temporary suspension…

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  • Plastic Woes and the Pandemic

    Plastic Woes and the Pandemic

    Divya Mehra The world only recently started taking baby steps to deal with the troublesome nature of plastic and was coming to an understanding of the scale of damage it has done and can do to our environment, that the year 2020 brought with itself a pandemic. Besides causing unprecedented global health and economic crisis,…

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  • A Healthcare System Which Cares About Women

    A Healthcare System Which Cares About Women

    Himanshu Choudhery Amidst COVID-19, when the situation in India is getting severe day by day, our public health care system seems to have come under considerable scrutiny for the several loopholes that have surfaced. While most of the hospitals are converted into COVID care centres, people are barely getting admitted to the hospitals for other…

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  • Cities –  Emerging Hotspots for Infectious Diseases

    Cities – Emerging Hotspots for Infectious Diseases

    Divya Mehra Cities and pandemics have shared a long history and over the decades it has been witnessed that cities have emerged to be the epicentre for infectious diseases. This is often attributed to its very nature – the population densities and inter/intra connections have turned out to be the important factors.  Cities act as…

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  • Pandemic and the Urban Water Crisis

    Pandemic and the Urban Water Crisis

    Divya Mehra As the world fights the coronavirus outbreak, washing hands at regular intervals has become the most important protective measure to prevent the spread of the virus. As soon as experts confirmed that washing hands with soap thoroughly for 20 seconds will rip out the fat coating of the virus, thus making it inactive,…

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  • Water Scarcity Amidst CoVID-19

    Water Scarcity Amidst CoVID-19

    Himanshu Choudhery Ever since the CoVID-19 pandemic began, people around the world are constantly being told to maintain social distancing and also frequently wash their hands with soap. While washing hands may be effective against germs, washing hands at regular interval also means using large quantities of water. The increased consumption of water in a…

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  • Battered Bats

    Battered Bats

    Himanshu Choudhery Introduction While the whole world is in a quest to find an antidote for COVID-19 and stop the massive loss of human lives, scientists are also vigorously trying to trace the origins of the deadly coronavirus 2. But before there is any clarity on the matter, people all around the globe are already…

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  • Reclaiming Lost Ground

    Reclaiming Lost Ground

    Divya Mehra On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the COVID-19 or Coronavirus Disease 2019 outbreak as a ‘Pandemic’. As the number of COVID-19 cases increased manifold outside China, where it first originated, soon the enormity and seriousness of the COVID-19 threat dawned on most human beings on the planet. According to…

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  • Farming During Lockdown

    Farming During Lockdown

    Shiwani After a long time, today, I went out for a walk in the fields which are barely a 2-minute walk from my house. I must also tell you that, like a responsible person,  I adhered to all the social distancing norms while venturing out. My house is located in the Gurugram district of the…

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  • Animal Movement and Human Response Amidst the Lockdown

    Animal Movement and Human Response Amidst the Lockdown

    Shashank Bhardwaj As most people around the globe sit at home to fight the global pandemic (COVID-19), the hustle and bustle of most city streets are missing. To curb this pandemic, many countries have adopted social distancing measures, including partial and complete nationwide lockdowns. While such drastic measures may be important, there’s no denying the…

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