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  • Bats: The Night Workers

    Bats: The Night Workers

    Shiwani As the sun goes down, the nightwalker, or rather, I would say, night fliers come out, one can see colonies of bats flying in the sky and sometimes wandering near a tree or plant. On one such night, as I stood on the balcony, sipping a cup of tea, I observed some bats visiting…

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  • Plant-Pollinator Interactions at Dheerpur Wetland Project Site

    Plant-Pollinator Interactions at Dheerpur Wetland Project Site

    Kartik Chugh After almost 5 months in the lockdown, the operations at the Centre for Urban Ecology and Sustainability (CUES) resumed, albeit slowly. Recently, while working at Dheerpur Wetland Project Site (DWPS), two of my colleagues found out that the flowers of Oroxylum indicum tree had started blooming. The news got us pretty excited because…

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  • Battered Bats

    Battered Bats

    Himanshu Choudhery Introduction While the whole world is in a quest to find an antidote for COVID-19 and stop the massive loss of human lives, scientists are also vigorously trying to trace the origins of the deadly coronavirus 2. But before there is any clarity on the matter, people all around the globe are already…

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