Sonali Chauhan


Senior Research Assistant, CUES

Sonali is a Science graduate with a Masters in Environment and Development from School of Human Ecology at Ambedkar University Delhi. Before joining CUES, she has worked in projects relating to biodiversity conservation, ecological restoration and urban ecology. She has a keen interest in plant ecology. She is part of the vegetation analyses team at CUES. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Human Ecology from Ambedkar University Delhi.

Contributions to CUES Blog

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Contributions to Restoration Ecology Blog

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1. Chauhan, S., Yadav, G., & Babu, S. (2022). Ecological Networks in Urban Forest Fragments Reveal Species  Associations between Native and Invasive Plant Communities. Plants, 11(4), 541.

2. Chauhan, S., Yadav, G., & Babu, S. (2020). Ecological networks reveal species associations and communities in the Urban Forests of South Delhi Ridge, India. In  Benito, R. M. , Cherifi, H., Cherifi, U., Moro,E., Rocha, L.M.,& Pardo, M.S.,(Eds.),  Ninth International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications (135-38). The International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications.

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