Akshay Barman completed his Masters in Film Studies from the School of Culture and Creative Expressions, Ambedkar University Delhi. He has worked in the field of arts, culture, media and research engaging with challenging questions to push the limits of discourses and modes of representation. He worked on website development, video editing and cataloguing for the Centre.

(Alumnus: 2016)


photoLakshay Dabas completed his M.A. in Environment and Development in Ambedkar University Delhi. During the course of his Master’s degree in Human Ecology, he developed a keen interest in documenting avifauna in urban forests. He wielded his knack for photography to catalogue a range of birds and urban landscapes for the Centre.

 (Alumnus: 2017)

IMG_20180217_012040_261Preet Mishra is presently completing his MSc. Physics in Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. He has been engaged with studies on the interdisciplinary subject of complex network sciences. Currently, he is working on a project which investigates Co-Authorship Networks in Invasion Biology.

(Alumnus: 2018)

Himanshu Choudhery completed his Master’s Degree in Environment and Development from Ambedkar University Delhi in 2019. His research interest is in understanding the ecology of avifauna in urban and peri-urban areas. Himanshu loves exploring nature, hiking, and wildlife photography.


Kartik Chugh completed his Masters in Environment and Development from School of Human Ecology, Ambedkar University in 2019. He is fascinated by urban evolution and political ecology of the interactions between human and non-human species in the urban spaces. In his free time, Kartik enjoys playing football and learning languages.