Gust of Dust

Shiwani The Indo-Gangetic Plains stretching from north India all the way to the east have been witnessing very poor air-quality during the pre-monsoon season (March to May) for the past few years. Delhi, due to its geographical location, is placed in the middle of the dust-laden Westerly winds originating from the Arabian Peninsula or the … Continue reading Gust of Dust

A Bird’s Eye View

Vijaylakshmi Suman With the growing influence of the field of urban ecology, issues pertaining to discourses of urban justice and equality are drawing much attention. These discourses particularly look at the relationship of people and nature in terms of differential access to the benefits offered by ‘natural spaces’. Urban nature is entangled with several social … Continue reading A Bird’s Eye View

Understanding Urban Transformation Through Imagery

Shiwani Urbanization is cosmopolitan.  And what can be an interesting yet simple way to see this urbanization transform a landscape over time? Visual imagery is the way to go. Visualization makes it easy for people to understand various phenomena, including changes that are taking place on-ground, and the scale and intensity at which these changes … Continue reading Understanding Urban Transformation Through Imagery

Camera Trapping in Dheerpur Wetland Project Site

Ajay Immanuel Gonji Every year, during the monsoon season, the Dheerpur Wetland Project (DWP) site undergoes a drastic transformation in its appearance. Torrential rains and stormwater flowing into the wetland from surrounding areas lead to flooding in most parts of the wetland. During this time, the DWP site also serves as a habitat for a … Continue reading Camera Trapping in Dheerpur Wetland Project Site