Organizational Structure

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CUES would be managed by a full-time Director with the guidance of a duly constituted Advisory Board consisting of a Chairperson, Expert Member, Planning Advisor, Dean of School of Human Ecology, and Director, CUES.

The Director would coordinate the functions of the Centre and its programmes through programme coordinators who would be appointed at the level of Assistant Professors. The Director of the Centre would also serve as Member Secretary of the Advisory Committee for the management of the Dheerpur wetlands under the Urban Wetlands Programme, the apex body to oversee the restoration of the wetlands under the chairmanship of the Vice-Chancellor of AUD with members from GNCTD, DDA, and Expert Members.

Goals of the Centre would be realized under three comprehensive Programmes-each of which will have a programme coordinator and a research team that would be directly responsible for the implementation of the objectives of the programme.

Current Advisory Board

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