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  • Bats: The Night Workers

    Bats: The Night Workers

    Shiwani As the sun goes down, the nightwalker, or rather, I would say, night fliers come out, one can see colonies of bats flying in the sky and sometimes wandering near a tree or plant. On one such night, as I stood on the balcony, sipping a cup of tea, I observed some bats visiting…

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  • Butterflies in the city of Delhi

    Butterflies in the city of Delhi

    Photographed and curated by Fizala Tayebulla and Shiwani The Photo Essay is a combined effort of CUES team members. The butterflies have been documented mostly in months of October and November across Dheerpur Wetland Park, Malcha Mahal and Pusa Hill Forest in Central Ridge Forest, New Delhi. The identification of the following Lepidoptera species is…

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  • A Brief on Control and Management  of Invasive Phragmites for Wetland Restoration

    A Brief on Control and Management of Invasive Phragmites for Wetland Restoration

    Shiwani One of the important steps in wetland restoration is managing the invasive or weed species (SER Report, 2019).  A common invasive plant that is a threat to the ecological health of wetland ecosystems is a family of grasses called phragmites (Phragmites karka). These are dominant wetland plants and are found all around the world,…

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  • Analyzing Vegetation Cover Change in Dheerpur Wetland Restoration Site

    Analyzing Vegetation Cover Change in Dheerpur Wetland Restoration Site

    Shiwani The success of an ecological restoration project is based on several key attributes such as the progress/recovery of ecosystem function and structure. A timely assessment/evaluation of the progress of the restoration activities is an important step in measuring the progress. It further helps in monitoring the changes and emergent patterns that could be of…

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  • How to Map Changes Using Landviewer – A Step by Step Guide

    How to Map Changes Using Landviewer – A Step by Step Guide

    Shiwani Maps are extremely handy tools that can be used to visualize and illustrate a wide variety of complex data, that make interpretation of geographical information an engaging process. It helps us in making sense of comprehensive spatial relationships simultaneously with temporal changes. There was a time when mapping changes, accessing and studying remote areas…

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  • Farming During Lockdown

    Farming During Lockdown

    Shiwani After a long time, today, I went out for a walk in the fields which are barely a 2-minute walk from my house. I must also tell you that, like a responsible person,  I adhered to all the social distancing norms while venturing out. My house is located in the Gurugram district of the…

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  • Island City

    Island City

    Shiwani Standing in the shade of a tree on a hot summer day is often relaxing and refreshing. One would appreciate this all the more had they experienced the sweltering heat of Delhi’s summer. Being one of the most densely populated cities on the planet, the temperatures in the core areas of the city are…

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  • Gust of Dust

    Gust of Dust

    Shiwani The Indo-Gangetic Plains stretching from north India all the way to the east have been witnessing very poor air-quality during the pre-monsoon season (March to May) for the past few years. Delhi, due to its geographical location, is placed in the middle of the dust-laden Westerly winds originating from the Arabian Peninsula or the…

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  • Understanding Urban Transformation Through Imagery

    Understanding Urban Transformation Through Imagery

    Shiwani Urbanization is cosmopolitan.  And what can be an interesting yet simple way to see this urbanization transform a landscape over time? Visual imagery is the way to go. Visualization makes it easy for people to understand various phenomena, including changes that are taking place on-ground, and the scale and intensity at which these changes…

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